Make Christmas merry again

Christmas is just around the corner; the semester is winding down and there are trees in every store to remind everyone that it’s the season to spend. A majority of our money goes to gifts for others and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to get all the rushing around done that we need to do. Let’s take a step back. Christmas, at its root, is a deeply religious holiday for those of the Christian faith. However, that’s most likely not what comes to mind for a vast majority of those who celebrate it. What’s more likely on everyone’s minds are things like hating certain (or all) Christmas songs on the radio or the Santas at malls, or looking forward to the gifts to be given and gotten.

Another interesting point is that a seeming majority of those who celebrate Christmas are not actually Christians. While it’s not to say that no one else is allowed to celebrate the wonderful day, it is to say that this fact makes it easier for the meaning of the holiday to become lost in all the rush.

One professor recently lamented the missed meaning of Christmas saying “the part of Christmas I hate most is the obligatory gifts you have to buy for friends only because you know they are going to buy you one.” Also, several co-workers have been making remarks at the Christmas music that we have to play in the store, stating how awful it is. These are perfect examples of what is happening to the holiday. More and more people can more easily recall the grievances of this time of year than the joys of it, which are supposed to be so abundant.

Let’s face it; the meaning of Christmas has become overshadowed. The season stresses people out and instead of Advent being a time of celebration as it was meant to be, it has become a time of panic because Christmas is so close, and I haven’t gotten all my shopping done yet.

While Christmas is a Christian holiday, it is perfectly fine that everyone, practicing or not, take part in the joy. However, the question now has become, is there actually joy involved in the season anymore? With all the stress and the religious tension with everyone having to wish a “Happy Holidays” for fear of offending someone, we seem to be losing that happiness that should abound in these 25 days.

This Christmas season, let’s not let that happen. Slow it down a little bit and enjoy the snow that’s going to start falling, and sing along with friends when cheesy songs come on the radio. To those who don’t practice religion, enjoy how pretty the lit trees are and the peaceful serenity of a silent night with new-fallen snow. For those who are Christians, keep in mind above all else what this holiday is truly about, along with enjoying all the smaller things. Let’s make Christmas merry again, no matter what you do or don’t practice or how much stress you have or don’t have.

On behalf of all of the staff of The Spartan, I’d like to wish everyone out there, no matter what religious belief or denomination you are, a merry Christmas and happy holiday season. Let’s all make it a great one.

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