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Those NIKE uniform designs for the 2012 NFL season that got leaked all over the place online are fake according to Yahoo. Sorry. I thought some of them were pretty awesome too. Remember that scene in Starship Troopers where they’re playing futuristic football and the uniforms are all futuristic-y too? They reminded me of that, except all sorts of more awesome. The Baltimore Sun’s Raven blog posted the uniforms earlier in the week and they got blasted through the Internet like a shotgun spray in the new Black Ops video game. If you haven’t seen them yet, Google “2012 NFL uniforms”.I’ll wait. Seen ’em? Good, now I’ll continue.

Yahoo Sports also says that NIKE will takeover the NFL uniforms for the 2012 season after the league’s deal with Reebok runs out. NIKE will design all new concepts, according to the report.

This season, the marketing people at NIKE promoted their “Pro Combat” uniforms for different college matchups. The uniforms looked to have amazing material and futuristic color schemes. I was fortunate to grow up outside Boston where I can root for a hometown team in every major professional sport. But those who moved to the middle of the country only have large, scratch that, immense universities that they never attended to worship. So I’m not savvy on college ball, and I don’t really care about it much. But the Pro Combat uniforms were pretty sick, and I’m excited for the NFL designs. If there’s an evil corporation to cheer on, I’ll go with NIKE.

I have no idea how this turned into a fashion column, but my real issue is with sports marketing nowadays. New uniforms, if they don’t break individual traditions, can be beneficial, (NHL) but what happens when you want to buy your favorite NFL player’s new jersey? Are there going to be 300-pound dads with those new skin-tight things?

Also, hey sports marketers, we don’t need any more basketball teams in March Madness for example, I can’t count to 64 as it is. And that stupid, stupid, hang on.stupid, football game between Northwestern and Illinois at Wrigley field that went down Saturday? One end zone? If the area is too small to fit an adequate gridiron, for a normal college football game, it doesn’t take a mechanical engineering wiz like William Hung to say, “heck, probably shouldn’t play football here.”

I get it, Northwestern and Illinois used to play at Wrigley and have great matchups. Old stadiums like Wrigley and Fenway have changed a lot to have more seats and up to date technology. So come on, we all could have saved some time if you just walked out there with a tape measurer first, Hung.

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