Movie Review: Killers

It’s every girls dream; finding that perfect chiseled guy while vacationing in the south of France. That’s just what happens to Jennifer in “Killers”. Jennifer Kornfeldt, played by Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth, and Grey’s Anatomy) is a simple, average, drop-dead gorgeous blond who is struggling to find Mr. Right. When she meets Spencer Aimes, played by Ashton Kutcher (What Happens in Vegas, The Guardian, That Seventy’s Show), she knows he is just what she’s looking for.Spencer is, of course, an assassin who gives up a life of killing to move to the suburbs and build dozens of indistinguishable houses. And Jennifer has no idea of his murderous past.

Three years into a fairly happy marriage, Spencer is called upon to take another job. The job offer sets into motion a slew of “sleeper agents,” people posing as friends that are really trained killers, charged with taking him out.

His secret is exposed.

Jennifer is furious, but not furious enough to leave him. So they agree to move forward and work together find out how who is behind the hit on Spencer’s life.

Killers is directed by Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde and The Ugly Truth), who delivers an offbeat romantic-action-comedy. Heigl and Kutcher have a spark and are believable as husband and wife. Bitter sarcastic repartee between the two is natural and fun. Kutcher leans on his Kelso ways to create a character that is similarly goofy and lovable while Heigl is painfully awkward in a way that is reminiscent of her role in Grey’s Anatomy.

Some of the situations are a little far fetched, but so is the overall plot. If you can buy into that, it’s easy to go along with the over-the-top action and typical story line.

Killers is predictable, but its big-name cast keeps it entertaining and light.

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