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Has anyone ever wondered about the things in the shadows? Has anyone ever guessed that there is a shadow world right next to ours? That’s what Jenny Thornton finds out on her boyfriend’s birthday, in book one of the Shadow Game Trilogy by L.J. Smith. She is the one hosting her boyfriend’s party, and decides that the best thing to do would be to buy a game for everyone to play. The game did come from an odd store that Jenny had never seen before, but she was in a hurry, and didn’t really pay that much attention. The game turns out to be a mystery game. There are three monsters somewhere in the cardboard house that they put together. Creeper, Lurker, and the Shadow Man. The point of the game is to get their paper dolls past these creatures and to the top of the house. Before Jenny and her friends quite realize what is happening, they are in the game, and the game is real!

The rules are the same. They need to get to the top of the house, avoiding the Creeper and the Lurker, as well as facing a nightmare in every room. And they only have till dawn to get out…otherwise, Julian, the shadow man that brought them there will keep Jenny forever. And he has warned that one of them probably won’t survive until dawn.

Book one is titled The Hunter, and is the first of a trilogy. It is interesting to learn that the strongest can also be the weakest, and that everybody’s fear, no matter how silly sounding, is very real.

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