Wiz Khalifa plays sold-out show at UVM

Wiz Khalifa is one of the hottest hip hop star performs at UVM’s Davis Center. The sold out show that charged general admission 15 dollars and UVM students 7 dollars had buyers on CraigList paying $50 to $70 a ticket. Khalifa was named MTV’s Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010. Making his rise and gaining a loyal fanbase in Pittsburgh P.A. he is currently on the Waken Baken tour with opening act Yelawolf, DJ Bonics, and his fellow Taylor Gang members present. The show show started at 9pm and did not end until midnight. Several Castleton students attended the concert. Brittany Baron, a juinor at Castleton, stated “I thought the show was amazing. Wiz is a great performer because he knows how to connect with his fans and tells it how it is.” The peformance was wall shaking with song beats from the albums Show and Prove, Deal or No Deal, and featuring several singles along with recent Mix Tapes Star Power, How Fly, Burn after Rolling, and Kush and Orange Juice. Wiz is short for wisdom because when he was young he was good at everything he did and Khalifa is Arabic meaning “successor”. Wiz Khalifa has started a life style legacy that will last for generations to come, Taylor Gang.

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