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When a pipe burst under Haskell Hall just over two years ago, a home was devastated. What was once the WIUV radio studio, is now in a state of mold, littered with papers, random CDS and worn out posters. And, unfortunately, nothing was recovered but an outdated Mac, a soundboard and a broadcaster for sporting events. And this meant only one thing for Castleton State College Disk Jockeys: a new state of the art studio fitted with entirely new equipment.

The studio operates under the leadership of an advisor, but it is mainly student run. And this year change comes in the form of management, which has been completely reinvented. New plans for the studio this year have already been brought to the table.

Although the radio got off to a relatively slow start this year, General Managers and sophomores Scott Foley and Victoria Phillips (under the leadership of “phantom faculty advisor” professor Robert Wuagneux) have finally begun to set things in motion for the station.

“We had a bit of a rough start trying to get some DJ’s going and getting our first meeting, but after we had our first meeting, we started to pick it up quite a bit,” said Philips.

The station currently has between 10-15 DJ’s, but is always looking for more.

“We have a board where they can sign up for whatever time slot they want.they can have a talk show, they can just play music, they can bring a guest, etc. Other than the language, there are really no restrictions.”

Junior Megan Davis, who is entering her second year as a DJ, and who hosts a show every day of the week between 5 p.m.- 6 p.m., has created a theme for every day of the week such as Modern Mondays, Double Trouble Tuesdays, and One Hit Wonder Wednesdays.

And, although she thought the station got off to a slow start, Davis has high hopes for the rest of the year.

“We had a meeting [on Sept. 24] and we came up with a lot of ideas. We want to get a lot of people involved and get the station better known around campus. Hopefully then we’ll have more listeners,” said Davis.

The General Advisors are currently holding meetings every two weeks, but are pushing to meet once a week.

“I think the problem is coordination. People say they will do things or talk to this person or that person, but we don’t know if it’s actually happening until the meeting a week later. And if the issue isn’t underway by then, we lost a week of progress already,” said sophomore Nick Minarik, who hosts the show with Davis.

By hosting a variety of events and honing in more on student interests, the station hopes to engage and obtain far more listeners this year, and get their name out there.

“I know we’re trying to get a lot of fun merchandise and stuff to get our name out there. We’re trying to get posters for every show that the DJ’s have,” said Davis. “I think once we advertise that way, maybe people will start listening more. We need people to know who we are and what we play before we expect them to listen to us.”

For many of the proposed ideas for the year, help will be needed, and students are always encouraged to give DJing a shot.

“I feel like last meeting, a great core of really dedicated people stepped up and showed what the station is capable of. If the same people stick with it, we can get big things done by the end of this semester,” said Minarik.

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