Students charged for Marijuana Possession

Two students from Adams Hall were discovered to have a total two pounds of marijuana On Sept. 17 after a community advisor discovered them smoking in their shared dorm suite.Another involved student is not being named or charged.

The two charged, Luke Thompson, 18, of Cavendish, and Colin Hughes, 18, of South Salem, N.Y, are not only facing criminal charges in the Rutland District Court, but the possibility of not being allowed back to Castleton State College.

According to the Rutland Herald, both pleaded not guilty at a hearing on Sept 17.

“All three are going through a hearing with us and are currently banned from campus,” says Dean of students Proulx in an interview last week. “That amount, it’s just not indicative of personal use . I’ve never seen that much confiscated in one intervention in my 20-plus years as a college faculty member – here or elsewhere.”

Local and state police were involved in the arrest.

Castleton Police Chief Bruce Sherwin also seemed surprised, although not overly, by the amount of marijuana found.

“We’ve seen this amount in the town before, but for an on-campus incident, it’s pretty significant,” he said in a Sept.23 interview.

The Rutland Herald reports that police statements verify the marijuana that allegedly belonged to Hughes weighed just over a pound and that the marijuana allegedly possessed by Thompson amounted to almost 1.2 pounds.

If convicted, the pair faces a maximum penalty of five years in jail. Thompson was unavailable for comment and Hughes declined to comment when reached.

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