Shh, Don’t Tell Anyone…

Imagine tonight is the night you’re having some good friends over to hang out, socialize and do whatever shenanigans you guys like to get into. You’re super excited because you haven’t seen these friends in a very long time.You spend the whole day tidying up your place, wiping down the table and even washing dishes. You even go out and buy some food to snack on, some drinks, everything to make your old friends feel at home.

However, they won’t be here for a while. So you decide to relax for a bit, maybe watch some TV. You turn it on and it’s still on the “America’s Next Top Model” marathon you started watching earlier. It sucks you in yet again. So much so that you lose track of time and suddenly hear the doorbell ring.

It’s your friends.

You spring up from the couch and greet them at the door, forgetting the shame that’s currently being emitted from your television.

For David Altobell, a senior at CSC, “America’s Next Top Model” is that one show that he just can’t resist. No matter how hard he tries.

“I didn’t start watching it until around season five I think … I watched it whenever the marathons were on and I was home. And once you catch the marathon, you’re in it for the day.”

The show’s host, Tyra Banks, is no doubt a large part of what makes the show so irresistible.

“I love Tyra and her ridiculousness. She has some nice phrases, ‘Tyra-isms,’ if you will, like ‘smeyes-ing’ [which means] smiling with your eyes.”

“I also love the trashy girls and their catfights.” Altobell says. “My favorite fight was probably in Season 8 I think, when Dominique called Whitney racist and Whitney’s response was literally ‘Don’t you dare call me racist, my best friend is black!’ It was hilarious.” Also, “In Season 3 there was this girl Amanda who was going blind or something, and she thought somebody stole her crystals. That was a big deal.” addresses the show’s lack of “role models” for younger viewers and calls it out on how the show “tends to reinforce the existing standards when it comes to evaluating women based on their appearance.”

But in the end, even they admit it’s a “guilty pleasure in model form.

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