SGA hopes to erect new electronic sign

As the semester begins, so do the prospects of moving the Castleton campus forward. The Student Government Association is hard at work tackling new tasks this year and one of their current projects involves a new electronic screen sign outside Woodruff Hall. The screen will be fitted with the Castleton colored trim so commonly seen around campus. “The current sign is starting to fall apart and it’s about time for it to be replaced,” said SGA President Justin Garritt.

Although the SGA has only just begun the initial stages of this project, the idea has been submitted to President Wolk for approval.

The proposal has also been put into the hands of Bob Joy, who is one of the school’s architects from JMZ Architects.

“Once they give a quote, the SGA will discuss whether this is something we would like to invest in. So far, the SGA members have all expressed great interest in this project as it will allow us to constantly change the sign and put more creative and interesting advertisements for the great activities that are happening every day around campus,” Garritt said.

Currently, the sign is changed voluntarily by Campus Activities Board Member, Brendan Silkey. It is done solely by hand, but if a new sign is placed, it will be totally electronic. Garritt notes that he hopes to have an appointed SGA member fill the role of sign changing.

If this project is to move forward, the SGA, the Class of 2011 and the college will be funding most of the costs, he said.

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