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So “Beavis and Butthead” is coming back to MTV. And MTV is going back to music videos I guess. I’m not joking. I read it online so you know it’s true. Mike Judge is going to be doing the show again (you may be more familiar with his other animated show, “King of the Hill,” which has had some success).The main premise of “Beavis and Butthead” was the two of them watching music videos and cracking jokes. The music will change obviously but the show will still have the videos, according to the New York Times. So, now I’m thinking, “They’re gonna crack Adam Lambert Jokes? Or Lady Gaga?” Either way, I’m excited.

Oh boy, now nostalgia has set in. Remember the ’90s? It began with high socks, NIKE Pumps, and purple/neon tank tops. And it ended with baggy pants, eminem, and hummers in the white house. I have to say that it’s crazy that all of that stuff is two decades away now.

The ’90s definitely had one of the greatest decades in music. It may also have to do with the last decade, the ’00s or whatever. That was one of the worst examples of “music” ever. What would Hootie say in ’96 if he saw Soulja Boi? Tupac was rolling over in his hammock on whatever secluded island he lived on last decade, one love, Makaveli.

Television also had a bunch of great stuff in the ’90s. Seinfeld was making everyone laugh at jerks paving the way for shows like “It’s Always Sunny.” And X-Files was delivering chills every week after “The Simpsons.” I miss those. Being a kid and getting to experience the launch of Nikelodeon and “T.G.I.F’s” with my boy Steve Urkel has made me appreciate the decade I grew up in.

Aw man and what about the big movies? “Jerry Maguire”? “You’ve Got Mail”? “Saving Private Ryan”? “League of their Own”? “Toy Story”? It was more like the Tom Hanks decade now that I think about it. But for me it was all about action with the “Ninja Turtles”, a hundred Segal and Van Damme films and of course Chuck Norris movies. And just when I thought Harrison Ford couldn’t get any cooler after playing Han Solo and Indiana Jones, he kicked it up a notch as Jack Ryan in the Tom Clancy films.

Thanks MTV and Mike Judge. Your two joke-cracking slackers have triggered my memories of a great decade of pop-culture and let me retrace some childhood footprints. Well, maybe they’re more like great couch imprints. I think I’m going to go make a ’90s playlist on my itunes and see if Xbox Marketplace has any episodes of “Doug” on it.

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