Refund checks and profound happiness

Refund checks are a time of happiness for all students receiving them. But for the woman processing them, it’s a little tougher than just cashing a check. Betty Moyer dealt with every one of the 600-700 refund checks handed out on Sept. 18. Almost all of the $800,000 to be handed out was from loans students took out that exceeded their tuition expenses.

“It’s all money they have to pay back,” she said, before whispering, “which is kinda scary.”

Although her job can be stressful at times, she said she does find delight in her work.

“I always wanted to deliver flowers because I like the reactions I get when people get them. It’s sort of the same thing with these checks” Moyer said.

Bobby Burge was a happy yet unsurprised senior as he waited for a check. Anxious to get his money, Burge was the first in line to receive the first check of the first round of refunds. He is living off campus and three months behind on his rent. Burge, also in need of a new computer and some excess money for beer and fun stuff, maxed out his loans his last year.

“I’m gettin a big one . like 8 G’s,” said Burge.

His satisfied grin when he received his $7,900 check said it all.

But not everyone was as lucky as Burge.

Chris Kiernan and Will Barnett ran into some trouble with their check gathering trip to Woodruff Hall. Kiernan said he needed his refund check to buy a book for history and get a meal plan so he could stop starving himself. He estimated a $400 check and when he got to the front of the line they presented him with a “sorry we don’t have a check for you.”

“I don’t know what I’mma do for my class,” said Kiernan.

Barnett, also presented with a problem, received a check for $600, which was $3,200 shy of what was expected.

The refund checks will continue to be dispersed weekly to those who may have gotten late financial aid paperwork in. And although Barnett got much less than he expected, things ended well for him.

“Good news though, the rest will be in soon. I’m pretty pumped about that,” he said.

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