Letters to Juliet

Sophie, played by Amanda Seyfried ( Dear John, Jennifer’s Body and Mama Mia!), is on a pre-honeymoon vacation in Verona, Italy when she stumbles upon a courtyard of weeping women leaving letters to Juliet, the fictional Shakespearean character. Her journalistic curiosity propels her to look into the story of broken-hearted women who leaves the letters. Her investigation takes her to a group of old Italian women, the secretaries of Juliet, who take her in and let her answer letters with them.
In one case, a letter written fifty years ago was wedged between bricks, unfound for half a century. Sophie finds it, though, and decides to respond to the letter which asked Juliet if she should run away with her true love or listen to her parents. Sophie’s response sparks a trip across Italy in search of the man a 60-year-old woman loved fifty years ago.

The film is directed by Garry Winick who also directed “Bride Wars,” “Lipstick Jungle,” and “13 going on 30.”

This movie is sweet and funny and a total chick flick. It’s cheesy and tries a little too hard in some places, but overall it is romantic and charming.

It’s important, though, to make a note that this review comes from a devoted fan of cheesy chick flicks. For the rest of the general population:

Men: Disregard this review; you do not want to see this movie.
Women: If you liked Leap Year and When in Rome you will love “Letters to Juliet.

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