Tip-line to prompt leads

Castleton State College is looking to its student citizens for help investigating criminal acts on campus. Last week, Public Safety initiated an anonymous tip-line that it hopes will give officers an upper hand investigating campus crime.Bob Godlewski, director of Public Safety at the college, said he hopes the initiation of the tip-line will prompt more people to come forward with information.

“I know there are other people that see things that don’t want to get involved,” said Godlewski. “We’re not looking for anything other than the information itself.”

The tip-line has been discussed with the Emergency Management Committee for the past year or so, he explained. Other colleges have initiated similar hotlines for the same purpose.

“We decided it’s something we need. It just makes sense,” Godlewski said. “If we get one call and we’re able to apprehend a suspect, it’s more than beneficial.”

The tip-line is completely anonymous and open 24/7 so students can call anytime with information about anything and not have to worry about giving their name or getting tied up in an investigation.

“That’s a great idea,” said Castleton junior Darren Colomb. He believes it will provide an outlet for students to report information and not hold them to any further obligations.

“I’m surprised it wasn’t implemented sooner,” said Colomb.

Other students agree with the junior.

“If people know about it and know it’s going to be anonymous, they’ll tell you what’s going on,” said Katharyn Dembowski, a Castleton freshman.

She said she believes students will be cooperative in giving information andthinks the tip-line will help the campus overall.

Godlewski is confident that the tip-line will prove to be a functional resource for Public Safety.

“I think it’s a ‘make-sense’ type of tool,” he said. “Over time it’s going to give us leads on different cases.”

Other officials at CSC believe that the hotline will provide venue for students to report wrongdoings in the community, but won’t be used to qualify or verify information under investigation.

“It will be used solely for leads,” said Dean of Students Dennis Proulx.

He explained that information given will not be treated as a sworn statement, but rather simply give students a chance to give information if they’ve seen something.

“Using the anonymous approach gives students an opportunity to come forward and use this as a tool, especially for those whose safety is at risk,” said Proulx.

With a small school like CSC, it’s important for students to support the safety of the campus, Godlewski said.

“My belief is that this is everyone’s neighborhood. In order to track down perpetrators we need help,” said Godlewski.

If you have any information on any kind of criminal mischief that you are willing to give, CSC’s Public Safety is asking you to call: 1-(802)-468-1T I P (1847)

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