Game room changes

With the re-opening of the Campus Center this past year, the game room was relocated. But not too many students are happy with the current offerings there.

“Just adding more stuff to it, maybe utilize the bar down there and just add more interesting things,” said Kelsey LaPoint a junior when asked how it could be improved?

There are two billiard tables, a ping-pong table and a TV, close to what was in the old game room minus a popcorn machine and windows that you could open. Now, the only windows in the game room are staring at feet inside Fireside.

The new game room was relocated so that the Wellness Center could have more space.

“The old game room was definitely way better with the windows and space for seating,” said Alex Esser a senior. “Now it’s dark and in the basement.”

LaPoint agreed when asked what she liked better about the old game room.

“Definitely the openness of it. Now it feels really closed in,” she said.

But help could be on the way. The Student Government Association has plans to use up that extra space behind the bar. Members say they want to create an overall better atmosphere and experience when you hit the game room. Sophomore Laura Thomas, a delegate for the SGA, is too new to remember the old game room, but is committed to make the new game room even better than before.

“Right now VA (Victoria Angis, assistant dean of Campus Life) and I are working on putting in a Spider man or Batman pinball machine and darts,” said Thomas. “We’re trying to get more games down there.”

Senior Nicole Parker has her own concerns for one of those choices.

“I don’t know how darts would work with college students,” she said smirking.

Others suggested they would like to revisit the classic video games that made arcade games infamous.

“Maybe just some video games like old school Pac Man,” said Esser.

There is talk of getting a Nintendo Wii and putting it up in the 1776 room along with a dance floor. Thomas also plans to put club flyers and people’s poetry to draw attention to the room’s bare walls.

As of right now, they are planning to have the overhaul done by fall. Next year, the SGA is hoping to host a game room pub night to kick off the new additions. With all these big plans, Thomas reassured that the SGA and administration are willing to spend the cash.

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