Floorlords wow CSC students

America’s Best Dance Crew, step aside and bow to originators of hip-hop dance. The famous Floorlords recently brought the hype of hip-hop flavor to Castleton.With a sold out show at the Fine Arts center, the Floorlords of Boston wowed the crowd with the hip-hop culture. From head spins and flips to varials and aerials, the Floorlords took Castleton back to where it all started. One of the originators, Lino Delgado brought a group of break dancers, both guys and girls, to teach the art of break dancing to fans all over the world.

“We’ve been doing this show since 1999 and we love what we are doing” Delgado told the crowd.

With every move the Floorlords were making on stage, the eyes of the audience got bigger and bigger. No one wanted to blink because they felt that they would miss a part of the show.

“I was really surprised how good they were. They were great,” said Hanna Messer, a member of the Castleton Dance Team.

After the show, Spartan reporters got backstage access to Delgado. It was a very relaxed scene as one of the members of the Floorlords did a mini-class for some of the member of the CSC dance team. He was teaching them the 6-step, which is a basic move that you see in break dancing. While that was going on, Delgado took some time to discuss the roots of the Floorlords.

The group dates back in the early 1980’s where two separate dance crews merged into one, he said. One came from New York City, the other from Boston. Once they merged as the Floorlords, they became an entity of the hip-hop world.

When he was vividly describing what they used to do, those listening were transported back to when it was happening.

As the years progressed, the group became more popular and started to get both national and international recognition. By that time, the culture was so big that everyone recognized the group as the originators of the hip-hop dance. From break-dancing to doing the robot, the Floorlords were the creators of the hip-hop culture.

When the Floorlords were doing their grand finale in the Fine Arts Center, everyone was feeling the rhythm of the beat. Castleton freshman, Jazmine Matos was very impressed by the tap dancing during the show. She also mentioned that it brought memories back of when she used to break dance as well.

“When I was in eighth grade I would try to break dance. All I would do is spin around in circles on the floor,” she said.

When asked about possible hip-hop dance classes in the future here at Castleton, she was all smiles.

“I would like to, as long as I don’t have to perform in front of people,” she said with a smile.

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