Carolina Liar invades Castleton

Frisbees flying, rock stars tripping on the ground and being terrified of possible snakes behind Castleton Hall doesn’t sound like the typical interview setting for an up and coming celebrity. But, Carolina Liar is not your typical band. They are goofballs who love to laugh and have a great time with whomever they come in contact with.

They are the typical rock band in the sense that they travel from place to place for numerous shows and cities in one day. On April 23, the day of their Castleton show, they woke up in North Carolina, made a stop in Washington D.C., then to Albany, N.Y. before ending up in Castleton for a night show.

“We have for sure had some crazy places that we have stayed at along the way. We recently got stopped at a hotel by what they told us was an insect sniffing dog. The dog sniffed through our luggage. What hotel do you know of that has an insect sniffing dog?” asked Chad Wolf, lead singer of the band.

The band’s way of differentiating between a good hotel and a seedy hotel is the amount of fake gold in a room and how much saturation you can feel in the sheets.

The rest of the band consists of Johan Carlsson, Rickard Goransson, and newcomer Peter Svensson. The show at Castleton was only Svensson’s fifth show with the band.

“I really love it. It’s great to experience all of this,” he said..

“Yeah, you get to experience all the weirdness that comes along with this life!” said Wolf.

Everyone in the band, except for Wolf, is from Sweden, so ending up in Vermont at a state college was the last thing these men expected to experience in their life.

“Vermont really is great though, it reminds me so much of Sweden,” said Goransson in his thick accent.

Wolf started out doing music in church as a boy. He has two older sisters and they were both involved in music and actively involved in playing and singing. Wolf plays guitar, bass and sings.

“The cool thing about music is that anybody can produce it. We all just get together and use GarageBand and record. It really is a great program,” said Wolf.

GarageBand is an Apple based program that comes on all Mac computers. It is convenient for the band because they can take it with them wherever they want. Carolina Liar was recently in the Cayman Islands with the VH1 Best Cruise Ever.

“I really do understand how people have used drug chemicals over the years to create their own reality. It is impossible to get your head around everything that is going on so fast around you,” said Wolf.

For all the lady fans, most of this group is single. Wolf is the only one with a girlfriend and he credits her for his sanity.

“She is the one thing that gives me a sense of reality. At the end of the day she reminds me who I am,” said Wolf.

A lot of bands have hopped on the bandwagon making a Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter page. This band has done the same yet does not seem to like all the consequences that come with having a page. Twitter is helpful because a song can be released and instantly the link pops up and a fan can click and be connected to ITunes and buy the song. On the other hand, crazy fans read a little too much into everyday life things that the band does.

“It is super easy to Twitter and I am the one who does it for the band but I feel like there should be some type of mystery. I shouldn’t have to put up to the world that I just went to the bathroom and have someone who cares to read that,” said Wolf.

After the interview, the band played the first show ever in the new and improved Castleton gymnasium. The gym was transformed into a real concert venue, with flashing lights and adoring fans.

It took the fans a bit to get into the show, but once Wolf informed them that no one would tell them to quiet down, the enthusiasm increased.

“Every morning we wake up and look at a world full of crazy. We all came here to this room right now, so let’s get as rambunctious and as crazy as we want to be. Cheers to us! Cheers to that!” said Wolf.

The band went on to perform their hit, “Show Me What I’m Looking For,” as well as “Over You,” and several others that will be released on their untitled upcoming album.

“It really was a great show. It definitely could have been stronger as far as attendance. About 3oo tickets were picked up by students. It was a free show, could have been way more here. Everyone who came enjoyed it and that is important and great,” said Bartholomew Kallgren, vice president-elect of Student Activities.

Students were able to enjoy a meet and greet with the band after the show where numerous photos were taken and signatures were given.

“The show was amazing! It is a good beginning to what Castleton will have to offer in the future,” said student Kayla Debroisse.

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