Rugby from the President’s porch

The Castleton State College president’s lawn is being turned into a rugby pitch and the men’s and women’s club teams on campus couldn’t be happier to finally have a home field. It has been four semesters since they have been able to play a game on their own campus, having been have been forced to travel to Rutland every Saturday.

“It’s a pain in the ass,” said Brook Choinere, treasurer of the women’s club rugby team.

She takes a deep breath before continuing

“Yes, I am happy to be getting a new pitch where we can play on campus, and everyone can now come to our games.”

Sean Gwinner, a former captain of the men’s club rugby team, echoed Choinere.

“Driving to the pitch in Rutland is not only an inconvenience to our team, but to the teams that we play because the pitch is hard to find and the other teams get lost. It’s hard for our friends to come to the game,” he said.

Both teams agree that another reason to be excited about the new pitch on campus is because it will increase interest in rugby and encourage other people to join the team. Furthermore, it will attract more fans since the campus pitch will be much more accessible by the entire student body.

“I have never gone to a rugby game here at school. The main reason is because I don’t know where they play,” said Courtney Ianni, a sophomore. “Why don’t they have a field? The football team just started and they have a huge field. I don’t know why they can’t use the football field like all the other teams do.”

Just like Ianni, lots of other students said they have no idea where the team plays. Only a select few who are good friends with team members know where the field is, but still many of them are unwilling to go because of the drive.

“I think that having a rugby field on the president’s lawn is cool, and it’s nice of him to let the teams use it,” Ianni said.

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