Fresh Perspectives

I can’t believe that there are only four weeks left of my freshman year of college. Today my teacher announced,” there is only eight more Sociology classes this semester.” Seriously! In only four weeks I’ll be able to say I’ve completed a whole year of college. Along with my freshman year almost being over comes room selection for next year. Room deposits were due and freshman had to make the rough decisions of where they plan to live the following year. Are they coming back? If so, do they stay with their current roommate, explore new living quarters, or move in with new friends?

Not only are we deciding where to live but it’s also registration time. In my opinion registration is one of the worst times of the year. At least we will be sophomores and won’t register dead last but we’re only a few days ahead of them. This is the time where you make three schedules and then hope and pray that one of the schedules will work and there won’t be any full classes.

Thinking about the semester ending makes me think about how much stuff I brought to Castleton. My friends have actually been joking and saying that we need to get moving vans to bring all of our stuff back home. I guess because I’m a freshman and I’ve only experienced the whole moving in aspect once. I never really thought about all the moving in and outs we have to do for college

Since the semester is almost over I’ve also been thinking about who I won’t be seeing next year and it’s sad thing to think about. It will suck to lose all the seniors and people who drop out or transfer. It seems like the year completely flew by. I hope college slows down.

Also what comes with the end of the year is tying up all lose ends. I am making sure all my grades stay up and that I finish strong, making sure everything is paid off to be able to register for classes, getting all scholarships for next year in by the deadline, and just trying to do my best in all things I take part in.

Wow being a freshman is sure a lot of hard work and I hear it only gets harder! I’ve got my work cut out for me.

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