Prom Fiasco

In our society today the biggest thing that we supposedly pride ourselves on is being so diversified and accepting of everyone. Well, if this is the case then why is that not a common thought throughout everyone? It’s one thing to have a different opinion and reason behind what you believe, but it is a whole other spectrum to hold a grudge against someone for being different.Mississippi is the state that is in the limelight right now for being prejudice against homosexuals. Granted, the south is supposedly known for being old school and for having their morals strictly Bible based, but they have stepped over the line.

In Jackson, Miss., high school senior Constance McMillen was told that her prom would be cancelled and that it was all her fault – just because she wanted to bring her girlfriend who wanted to wear a tux. Prom is something that almost every single high school senior experiences and is one of those memorable experiences that mold your high school career. Itawamba County School District told McMillen that she was the reason why her prom was going to be cancelled. Ridiculous.

Girls can go to prom and wear the most scandalous outfits and dance dirty, and the chaperones seem to be fine with it. They can be in love, but only if they are a boy and a girl. McMillen may be in love with her girlfriend, but she can’t join in on the tradition of prom strictly because of sexual orientation.

The part that seems to be the most ridiculous is that McMillen did not even need to tell anyone her plan. She could have had a friend invite her girlfriend as their date, and just met up there. But, it is the moral of the matter. McMillen stated that her father told her just to be proud of who she is and not hide it.

So, when this occurred McMillen sued the school to hold the prom. She stated that she honestly did not think they wouldn’t hold prom because they had spent so much money on it.

For a country that prides itself so much on being so accepting, it seems a bit ridiculous that the mentality that everyone is different and different things make people happy just can’t be grasped.

So let’s go United States of America, live up to your diversified reputation.

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