One step closer to having a skatepark

That little fenced in slab of concrete behind Morrill and Wheeler Halls was supposed to be filled this semester with mini-ramps, grind rails and other small skateboarding props. School officials, however, say that the price for all the equipment students wanted was too high.

“We got an estimate from a company that we thought was too high to pay for what we were getting,” said Dean of Administration Bill Allen.

Now that the weather is getting warm, students are out once again skateboarding by the library, in the roads and maybe even over by the football stadium and the proposed skate park is still just a slab of fenced in concrete.

“I’m just curious as to why they still haven’t finished it? I mean it has been sitting there for quite a long time,” said Matt Schlieper, a sophomore and avid skateboarder.

Although some skateboarders seem to be content without a park, it was a hot topic last semester, according to Bill Allen.

“What I want is to get a group of students together sometime during N-period and discuss what they want to have put in there. This way we can try to get a fair price and get what the students want,” Allen said.

Allen said the skate park could be finished by the beginning of fall semester so that students can enjoy it when they come back. Any student who wants to be part of the park planning should contact Allen via e-mail or by calling him at 468-1214.

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