Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

The revolutionary director Tim Burton has done it again. He has taken yet another well known story, and turned it into a fantasy filled movie, but this time it’s 3-D.Bright colors, pale people, and mad minds occupy the new world that Burton has created in his latest film.

In this version, things have dramatically changed from the tale that we can all remember. Alice, who is now 19, is sick of being told what to do and how to be “proper,” so she follows a suited rabbit out of her engagement party, right at the moment of the proposal from her appalling suitor. She then falls into the rabbit hole she once visited.

She goes through the usual protocol of trying to squeeze her body through a small door that enters into this mysterious land, which is actually named Underland. This new world is full of hookah smoking caterpillars, speaking flowers, disappearing cats, people with abnormal sized body parts and a Mad Hatter, whose eyes serve as mood rings.

After experiencing all the turmoil in Underland and the struggles of her strange friends, Alice must make the big decision whether or not to battle the heinous creature in order to return things to the way they once were.

At the first sight of crooked teeth, sunken eyes and washed out colors, it was obvious that Burton wanted to add his little rare touches to this film, just like all the others.

But Burton took no chances with this film, which can be displayed by the casting of his two loyal usuals, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. These days it is getting hard to see a Burton film without one of them. But these two Burton favorites weren’t the only big names in film. Alan Rickman, Anne Hathaway, Crispin Glover and Mia Wasikowska all joined onto the project, making it a rather unique cast.

Almost a perfectly quirky story, until they added a random Mad Hatter dance scene to throw off the flow of the film. Regardless of that brief oddity, Burton has proved why he is one of the best directors in the business and why so many people adore his work.

This is a movie that you must experience in theaters.

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