Lilly Ledbetter to speak on March 24

The battle of the sexes is something that will go on forever. Regardless of who is smarter, faster, or stronger, people are people and deserve to be treated equally and fairly. Lily Ledbetter is a female who was very aware of the fact that she was being treated differently than her male colleagues, and knew she was being paid less than they were.

Ledbetter worked at Alabama Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. for nearly two decades and since leaving there, has told her story across the country of what she went through while there.

She talks about sexual harassment and day-to-day discrimination in the workplace.

In 1998, when Ledbetter was about to retire, someone put a note in her locker comparing her salary with her male colleagues. Instead of taking the information and just letting it bother her, Ledbetter did something better — she sued the company.

Although she didn’t gain monetarily from the suit, President Barack Obama recently signed the “Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act” which will help others avoid a similar fate.

This new Act changes the Civil Rights Act so that workers can sue up to 180 days after receiving any discriminatory paycheck.

Ledbetter will be telling her story at Castleton State College on March 24 at 5:30 p.m. in the Campus Center in room 1787.

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