CSC student facing felony assault charges

An argument that erupted on campus between a male and female during early morning hours on March 12 led to a physical altercation between campus residents that ended in blood and bracelets. At approximately 2:30 a.m., police responded to a call about an assault with a knife in Haskell Dormitory 203. Police said they arrived to find two Castleton students with injuries as a result of the dispute.

Nathan Dolan-Aubertin, 19, of Concord, N.H. was issued two felony counts of aggravated assault and was cited to appear in Rutland District Court on April 19, police said.

According to Police Chief Bruce Sherwin, Dolan-Aubertin was arguing with a female when two other students living in the suite tried to intervene.

“There was a struggle and as a result there were two people left with injuries,” said Sherwin.

After the struggle Dolan-Aubertin fled Haskell Hall, but was found shortly after and apprehended in Castleton Hall. A small folding pocket knife was found in his possession. Members of the Fair Haven Police Department, Castleton Police Department, college Public Safety and a Department of Liquor Control agent responded to the call.

It was described as being far from “typical” behavior by Dolan-Aubertin’s suitemates who seemed to all gather in the common room as the struggle unfolded.

They described Dolan Aubertin as having a heated argument with his girlfriend.

“She was screaming bloody murder,” said Griff Lewis, a resident in the suite.

The argument was loud enough to be heard outside the building and attracted the attention of other students.

“After she started screaming for help, that’s when we started banging on the door trying to get in,” said junior Will Johnson who was visiting the suite.

According to the 203 residents, the female left the dorm and Dolan-Aubertin began to yell and scream, smashing and slamming the door to his room.

“He freaked out,” said Johnson.

It was at that point that Lewis went to Dolan Aubertin’s door and Dolan-Aubertin pulled a knife and pointed it in his face.

“I was like ‘no, not happening,'” said Lewis. “I grabbed a hold of his arm and was shaking it trying to get him to drop the knife.”

Another resident of Haskell 203, Nik Dejiuilo, then jumped in to restrain Dolan-Aubertin.

“We just brought him to the ground to try and calm him down,” said Dejiuilo.

During the struggle Dejiuilo received a slash to his face requiring 30 stitches, while Lewis sustained what Chief Sherwin described as a “superficial” cut. Lewis also broke two knuckles in his right hand.

“He was reaching for the knife after we had taken him down so I used necessary force to stop him,” said Lewis discussing the broken bones.

Residents of Haskell 203 were taken aback by the chaos.

“I didn’t even realize they were cut until they were on the ground and blood was dripping everywhere,” said 203 resident Mark Manjuck.

After the fight in the dorm ended, Dolan-Aubertin left the suite and exited the building.

“I was right outside the building and heard it all happen,” said senior Michael Baldino. “He (Dolan-Aubertin) came walking out and hit the emergency blue light in front of Huden and just kept walking.”

Dolin-Aubertin was apprehended when police went to the female student’s suite in Castleton Hall.

“They (police) were questioning me in her common room and when they asked who it was he (Dolan-Aubertin) walked in. I pointed at him and said ‘that’s the kid,'” said Johnson. Dolan-Aubertin was handcuffed and removed from campus.

CSC Spokesperson Ennis Duling said that Dolan-Aubertin has been barred from campus grounds and a notice against trespass has been filed. Also Duling noted that the student will face a disciplinary hearing with the dean of students who will determine what disciplinary action will be taken.

Public Safety has turned information from its investigation over to the dean of students.

“We have statements. We know what took place and it was turned over to police,” said Director of Public Safety, Bob Godlewski. “We spoke to the person involved and there were no denials.”

“The position of the College is that students have due process for disciplinary action,” explained Dennis Proulx, dean of students. “The student (Dolan-Aubertin) has been temporarily suspended from campus, pending a hearing,” said Proulx.

Since there is a possibility for dismissal, the hearing will likely be an All College Committee, or Dean’s Hearing, closed to the public.

Overall students were shocked to hear of the incident.

“It caught me by surprise because I just don’t expect that to happen here. Everyone usually gets along really well,” said senior Henry Ireland.

Many students have already made a disciplinary judgment of their own.

“I think he should be kicked out,” said senior Mike Strong. “A knife can be just as deadly as a gun,” he added. “When someone uses a knife it’s a different kind of crime.”

Krista Goddard, a sophomore agrees with Strong.

“I feel like if they let him back on campus the college is going to get a lot of crap,” she said.

Other students don’t know where to stand.

“I think it was just a weird act of aggression,” said Baldino. “I know all of them. I really wouldn’t expect it.”

Dolan-Aubertin and the female student involved did not respond to contact attempts through e-mail.

College officials are happy overall with CSC’s pro-active response to the incident.

“Officers did a tremendous job,” said Godlewski. “I was in contact during the event and they handled it terrifically. Because of the Public Safety officers involved the situation didn’t threaten the safety of the campus.”

“We try to cover stuff like this in training,” said Mike Robiloto, Director of Residence Life. “I feel the staff responded well. It could have been a lot worse than it was without the fast response.

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