Where to go for wings? The Lake House or AJ’s?

Pepsi or Coke? Miller or Molson? Frank’s or Tobasco? Choices are thrown in your face all day long.They’re unavoidable. Sometimes the choices are hard, though, like where to go for cheap wings and beer to start the weekend off. The two hot spots for the carnivorous activity of tearing meat off the bone with your teeth comes down to AJ’s in Granville, N.Y., on a Thursday night, or the Lake House in Bomoseen, Vt. on Fridays.

Thursday, the first day of the weekend to most students, kicks off with wing digestion. At AJ’s they offer a variety of sauce for your wings from mild, medium, hot to hot hot.

“Their hot hot is sooo hot,” warns Graham Monroe, a CSC sophomore.

The wings start at 7 p.m. and end at 11. Unlike Castleton commuter parking lots, there’s always parking too, but it’s the seating that’s not always vacant.

The tables fill up quick for wing night. Tina Wilson, AJ’s manager, was there when the wing event started over 20 years ago.

“Our salesman from U.S. Food Services suggested it to us,” Wilson said.

Last week, AJ’s sold over 2,249 wings. While Thursday may be the busiest day of the week according to Wilson, they aren’t making a profit on their wings.

“We pay about 27 cents a wing,” Wilson reveals.

In addition to mouth-watering wings, AJ’s charges only $1.50 for three different drafts. Angelo Scott, the owner, also takes pride in serving 80 bottled beers from around the world. The staff also comes highly recommended.

“The service is really friendly,” said Sarah Parker, an AJ’s frequent flier.

The Lake House offers a different take on wings, on a different day and time. Free wings are served Fridays during happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. The Lake House is on Rt. 30, in Bomoseen, Vt. a mere 5.5 miles away from CSC.

Mauling meat is an inexpensive activity, when just buying the drinks.

“You can go at any age and eat free wings. All you have to buy is a soda. You don’t have to buy a beer,” said Zach Mortensen, a sophomore. The sodas are priced at $2.75, the same price as some of the cheaper beer on tap, like a Labatt Blue.

“Friday’s the night to go out, and what better way to start it off than on a happy hour,” explains Brad Burns, the owner. College kids and locals alike gather around the white tables to eat drink and be merry.

“I just look forward to going and seeing my friends … Pretty much guaranteed that most of them will be there,” said Jeremy Jackson.

Jackson, is an avid Lake House fan. He prefers the way the Lake House prepares their wings by baking them after frying so “they’re less runny.

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