Tune in, WIUV is back in action

“And that was Biz Markie with ‘Just a Friend’,” said senior Myles Mickle as the eminent song came to a close.The vibrant red “on the air” sign flashed above Program Director (and DJ) Myles Mickle’s head as he spoke enthusiastically to the eager audience listening on the other side of the airwaves.

“You are currently listening to 91.3 WIUV Castleton.”

For 30 years Castleton State College’s own radio station, WIUV 91.3, has streamed through the radios of the Castleton community. Last year though, the station faced the potential of being shut down due to poor management and bad conditions.

However, with the construction of the new Campus Center came a brand new studio, and the newest management is taking the studio in a new direction.

“The equipment is so nice,” said Mickle. “There was a special budget set aside for the radio station; I’m thinking it was thousands of dollars. They really hooked us up.”

The studio is run by all students, and has received additional help from Coordinator of Club Activities Tammy Lattuca, who Myles says has been an immense help as she has “taken a special interest in WIUV and championed it.”

Dennis LaFleur and Patrick McDevitt, both transfer students and co-general managers, are also helping to give the studio a name.

The pair is responsible for organizing, keeping everything in order, and regulating what is played on the air.

“It’s so much fun,” said McDevitt. “We can basically play or talk about whatever we want. Like tonight I told a story about a girl who got a bloody nose in the pool while I was lifeguarding today. It was so funny… I did credit her swimming abilities after though.”

The DJ’s plays their music through their IPODS, and if a request is called in and they don’t have the song available, it is instantly downloaded via YouTube.

Whether through live DJS, or pre-recorded playlists, there is always music playing.

“The studio is often empty in the mornings and early afternoon,” said Mickle. “But somebody can generally be found from six until midnight.”

Castleton student Dillon Gringas, who also DJS at WIUV, had the opportunity to see both last year’s studio and the current studio, said that the two “cannot even be compared.”

“The only flaw is its size; and that is the only con. The rest is all pros,” said Gringas.

In addition to Gringas, there are approximately twenty trained DJS at WIUV.. And they are always looking for more.

“You just have to go through a brief training session in which you learn the boards and how to run the computer,” said McDevitt.

Neither McDevitt (criminal justice major) or LaFleur (athletic training major) have any interest in pursuing a career in radio, but love DJ-ing for the station, and encourage other students to get involved.

“You can play whatever music you want and talk about whatever you want and when more students do it you get a lot of different music,” said Lafleur.

In addition to hiring more DJS, the station is currently looking to hire a program director, a music director, and a business director; all which will be elected by the officials and DJS that are currently affiliated with the station. For more information contact Myles Mickle, Dennis Lafleur, or Patrick McDevitt. “They have been promising a station for a while and it is finally here; we’re optimistic. We finally feel like we have a future,” said Myles Mickle with a smile.

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