Tennis team wins NAC

The top-seeded Castleton State College women’s tennis team defeated second-seeded Lyndon State College 9-0 on Oct. 17, capturing its first North Atlantic Conference championship win since 2005.Michelle Podnecky, Charly Klaas, Kate Bucci, Brynn Paraschos, Brittni Racine and Chelsea Crehan all won their singles competitions easily. The doubles pairs of Podnecky and Bucci, Klass and Paraschos and Racine and Crehan also dominated their Lyndon opponents.

Coach Paul Cohen was pleased with the effort.

“We played like champions,” Cohen said. “When you are lucky enough to be a heavy favorite in a tennis match, the biggest challenge is keeping your level of game up. Our team did.”

Podnecky in particular was at the top of her game during the tournament. Her outstanding play earned her the title of tournament Most Valuable Player.

“She’s just a great player,” said Cohen, this year’s NAC Coach of the Year. “She’s the total package.

Castleton now gets the chance to participate in the Northeastern Athletic Conference tournament on May 1. The winner of that tournament will receive a berth in the NCAA tournament.

“It’s nice to be able to win the conference,” he said, “but having the chance to move on and play something bigger is really great.

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