Spartan standouts

The women’s soccer team has put up some ridiculous numbers this season. Numbers that can’t go overlooked or unrecognized, but rather should be praised and impressed by. The numbers are even more impressive when the season is looked at as a whole. Considering the Spartans started the season with an 0-5-1 record and that they were outscored 20-2 in those matches, any positive statistics were buried under the mountain the team would soon have to climb to reach success once again.After being shutout in five of the first six games, the Spartan defense and goaltending has played as close to perfect as possible. Castleton has not only won 11 of the last 12 games, tying a match against Plymouth State, but it has also outscored its opponents 47-3 during that stretch. All three goals against the spartans came in their tie, giving the Spartan defense and goaltenders 11 shutouts on the season.

Shutouts are impressive enough on their own, but the fact that the Spartans have outshot their opponents 369-83 in the last 12 games has allowed the defense to execute with poise. The home field advantage throughout the North Atlantic Conference tournament can be attributed to the Spartans 8-0-1 undefeated home record this season. An undefeated home record is nice and certainly a sign of dominance, but not a single goal has been scored on the lady Spartans in any of those nine home contests.

The entire team wins standout honors this week because of the offensive pressure the Spartans have applied in the past 12 games, and because of the defensive poise during those contests. The team as a whole seems to have peaked at the right time, and if all goes to plan, they should be holding a NAC championship plaque in three days time.

For all of the doubters, think about this: the Spartans go into the NAC championship with 52 days of undefeated soccer under their belts, I think the girls have forgot how to lose and will continue their scoring frenzy and shutout habits.

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