Parenting for dummies

Parenting is something that always gets critiqued all over the country and Hollywood is no exception. There are shows like Dr. Phil, Oprah, and countless others that focus entire episodes on putting a family’s drama on television. Sounds healthy and helpful right?

For some families, maybe that’s a good approach. But more often than not, it does not work in the end. Maybe it’s a wakeup call and they embarrass themselves so much on television that they change their lifestyles. More often, they probably have fun with their 15 minutes of fame and go back to their ways.

Jon and Kate Gosselin have been at the center of this parenting controversy since they had their kids. America loved the Gosselin clan until television started unveiling the nitty gritty problems of their lives.

Kate Gosselin has eight children — eight. That should entitle her to have whatever annoying cleaning habits she wants. Jon is entitled to quirks too, but he took a different approach and left the situation.

Articles have been written about how Kate is to blame or Jon is to blame, but who cares? The show started off wholesome about some family in Pennsylvania, but now has morphed the family into media darlings and villains.

Since when did parenting turn into being about getting famous?

Joe Simpson is another parent who pops up in this controversy. His daughters Ashlee and Jessica are both beyond famous, and that alone is Joe’s claim to fame and he could be content with that, right?

But no, he decides to go down in history as a father who is interviewed about his daughter’s cleavage. Creepy much?

What happened to the good supportive family members?

The definition of a family can be different for different people, but central to it is the love you get from that group of people. It shouldn’t be defined by how much publicity one is going to receive, or what will make a better front cover. Every family has skeletons in the closet and things people don’t need to know.

Hollywood isn’t all about bright lights and glitz and glamour, it comes with a price.

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