No excuse not to vote

Ok. So now there’s absolutely no excuse for not doing your part in selecting the students who will govern the school. For the first time ever, ballots for the upcoming class elections can be cast online, in probably less time than it takes students to check their Facebook page – once.

Student government has long been a foreign element to most students, with the exception of the candidates themselves and a select few who like to be involved and aware of the inner workings of the school.

Administrators and student government advisors have long lamented the apathy of students when it comes to not only student government issues, but government issues in general. That changed a bit with the election of Barack Obama after an election that energized young voter across the country – including Castleton students.

Now that energy needs to carry over to the student elections. There is a three-way race for senior class president this election between Jazmin Averbuck, Stphanie Kopko and Megan Phillips.

The Student Government Association recently sent around an e-mail urging seniors to vote, saying their votes are very important to the democratic process. And with the ease of doing it from your own computer, The Spartan is urging you as well.

Hopefully a high voter turnout will carry over to the SGA elections in the spring.

Elections start on Nov. 9 and an e-mail will be sent out with a link to vote.

Do your part.

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