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This is proven to us during the recent release of “Where the Wild Things Are”. People were packing themselve into theaters nationwide to join in the imaginative world that has been shared with millions people since the 1963 book, by Maurice Sendak.We are told the story of a young mischievous boy, Max, that creates his own fantasy land where he is ruler of the few ferocious creatures that populate the mystical world.

The film stays fairly true to the original book, but with a much darker feel.

The audience gets a look into Max’s dream world, one that most people would happily venture into. Whether it’s the half creepy/ half cuddly wild things, or the beautiful landscape imagery that gives the film an even more artistic feel.

The visionary director behind this masterpiece, Spike Jonze, took three years to create this film, and the time was well spent, seeing as how he created one of the most vivid and visually stimulating films around. And he used his creativity to its fullest, involving a mixture of anamatronics, real-life actors and animated faces to create the cute and somewhat scary Wild Things.

A variety of celebrities lended their voices to the wild creatures, including Lauren Ambrose, Paul Dano, Forrest Whitaker, and James Gandolfini.

The movie offers both a sense of innocence and maturity, a feeling many films strive to give their audience, but usually fail at. You feel forced to stay grounded and admit to ourselves that it is just a movie, especially after the frighteningly convincing look of the characters and their wonderland.

As someone who rarely likes kids films, this broke the stereotype of every fluffy felt, happy ending, typical disney type movie. This is an unique childrens movie with personality, gaining adult fans. Something very rare.

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