Go nuts for donuts

You drive down to Castleton Corners to get some food from the Mobil station only to realize that it is no longer there. Until Oct. 21, the pumps were pumping gas and people were buying food and groceries inside. Right now, however, the site is littered with construction tools, out of order gas pumps and a bunch of men working on a new foundation where the building used to be.

The old Mobil is gone, but it’s being replaced with a new Mobil – with a new main attraction being a full-service Dunkin Donuts.

The gas station will basically remain the same except for the addition of the Dunkin’ Donuts, a drive-thru and some additional parking spots behind the convenience store, according to Matt Pollack, the general manager of the Midway Oil Corp., which own the business. Blueprints show there will be 14 parking spots, with only one of them being a handicapped spot.

“I think it is a great thing to see when coming through this area. It really adds on to the visual concept of the four Corners here,” said John Crossman, the on-site construction supervisor working on the project.

Most people go to Fair Haven to get their fix of Dunkin’ Donuts’ and the store there is always busy. But as of February, people will be able to kill their Dunkin cravings just down the road.

“We plan on doing a soft-opening in February and a grand-opening sometime in early March,” said Pollack. He said Midway Oil always adds on a Dunkin’ Donuts with the construction of a new Mobil station.

“They will get great business in my opinion,” said MaryAnn Jakubowski, a tax associate at the Castleton Town Hall.

Castleton students are psyched about the new construction and the coffee that it’ll bring.

“At least now I will be able to get my fix of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee,” said senior Bryce Meyers.

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