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It’s that time of the year again.cold and rainy. We got Halloween coming soon, which is always a hit. I work at the Spirit Halloween store in Rutland and have seen people come in to find a costume and look for hours. One woman was in the store for an hour looking at wigs, one dad was dragging his child to see the scary displays while the child screamed in fright. Also there’s the boyfriend waiting for a couple hours while his girlfriend tries on “Dr. Anita Vibrata” or “Pocahottie”, and then sighs while he hands his credit card to me.

Halloween store aside, October means World Series, football and Basketball. The World Series is always epic, even if it’s in five games, the epicity is there. Then there is football. I love football. There is nothing better to do on a Sunday than to watch football and eat throughout the whole day. Watching all these sports not only tires me, but takes up most my time here at Castleton. We also had the leaves for a while which is always a good sight to see driving down the interstate. However with the leaves brings the leaf peepers.

In my town in southern Vermont, tourism is a big part of October and November. They also account for a big part of my town’s income, so as much as I chagrin to their license plates I thank them for their money. So the tourists are pretty much gone now as the leaves are falling and the rain is coming. The only thing I’m really looking forward to is an Indian summer. The most thing everyone is looking forward to is the snow.

Being a Vermonter and not skiing or snowboarding is considered blasphemous up here at Castleton. See I’ve come to really not enjoy the snow. It’s cold, it’s wet and when it’s here it’s here. I enjoy sledding however, and that’s pretty essential. It’s key to try and like something to do with the snow, because if you don’t find anything to do than the snow is just a big white obstacle. For this North House resident walking through the snow will be an obstacle from Africa to North House. One thing I am excited for is driving my nineteen-year-old Volvo wagon in the snow-covered ground. So let it snow, let it snow, the twentieth year of snow can’t be too bad.

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