CSC student has big screen vision

Blood begins to drip all over his Devil’s Rejects shirt, the dark red stained knife falls from his cut open neck to the white porcelain sink and his lifeless body falls hard onto the unwelcoming floor. Ethan is dead.Don’t let this fool you. This is not a real suicide and this Ethan is not even a real person. This is a scene from the student film “Thoughts”.

Castleton State College’s Fireside Café was transformed into a movie set, Sunday October 25, as the production shot a scene with its main characters and handful of extras, it attracted many various stares from the passing students.

The film is written, directed and edited by CSC senior, Eric Kapitan, who spent his past summer writing the script.

“There is a personal story behind it. It was a rough summer,” said Kapitan, preparing for the shooting of his upcoming scene, “I just started writing it one day and didn’t stop.”

“After watching some of the footage, it’s very obvious that Eric has put a lot of himself in this movie,” said Scott Brown, the musician lending his guitar skills to the movie. “This film is incredibly dark and interesting”

“Thoughts” tells the story of Ethan, played by Castleton alumni Mike Weins, a college student who is in the depths of depression and psychotic suicidal feelings who fantasizes how his life should be. Whether its his unconditional admiration for the girl of his dreams Justine or his encounter with watching his roomate commit rape, Ethan is hopeless and lost, and the only way out his fantasies.

“I was really excited to be lead in this movie. I see it as a twisted romantic comedy,” said Weins. “The ending is what really got my attention when I read the script, it’s a huge shock.”

Being a huge film buff of his own, Kapitan’s motivation for this film came from one of his favorite movies.

“Dario Argento was a big influence for this movie,” he said. “The dreamlike quality and the colors are what really inspired me.”

This being Kapitan’s second feature length film, he had no problem knowing how to get started.

“We started shooting in early October. It’s pretty much an all student production involving Mike Weins, Ken Holmes, Emily Burnell, Caitlin Lawlor and Hesham Setouhi, but some of the don’t go here anymore,” stated the director, showing some of his already edited scenes late on a Monday night. “A majority of the shots are on campus too. We have already done scenes at Leavenworth Hall and in the dorms, as well as a pretty gruesome scene in front of the campus center.”

With an admiration for movies all on their own, it wasn’t hard for Kapitan to start getting hands-on with his lifelong beloved interest.

“I saw “Document of the Dead”, the documentary about “Dawn of the Dead”, and at the time I didn’t realize you could get involved with film outside of Hollywood. So I first got interested in acting, but then did some more research and starting to make my own,” he said. “I just love creating my own world and making stories. The best part of the whole thing is seeing the finished product.”

“This script is so different from anything I’ve ever read or seen before,” said Emily Burnell, the female lead Justine. “It’s a very shocking thriller.”

The film wraps up in November and a possible movie premiere in December, with DVD distribution in the works.

When asked if there was any way to describe this psychological new film to the CSC population, Kaptian responded without hesitation.

“One word. Mindfuck.

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