Volleyball survives after a nail-biting opener

All the Castleton volleyball team needed was a home-opening win to start it on an impressive five-game winning streak.The team opened its home schedule on Sept. 23, playing its first game in the newly renovated Glenbrook Gymnasium.

With a record crowd witnessing, Castleton fought one of its hardest battles thus far, and it ended on top with a 3-2 win over SUNY-Cobleskill.

Captain Hillary Greenfield says the crowd, along with the gym, was a big part of the win. “Having a big crowd at our games gives us more motivation, and the louder the crowd cheers, the more pumped up we get. Also, playing in the new gym attracts more people because we aren’t hidden in the back, and people walking by can see that there is a game going on.”

Once the Spartans got Cobleskill out of the way, they battled both Lyndon and cross-town rival Green Mountain College. The wins were achieved with the help of senior Jamie Lemieux, the powerhouse on the team, and Ashley Kepaa, a freshman standout. The duo is averaging 3.40 and 2.14 kills per game respectively. Setter Jen Vibert and Ariel DeGregory, Castleton’s
first Libero, are also contributing to the wins.

This past weekend, the Spartans played Thomas College and Maine Farmington. Castleton went into the two conference games with a 3-0 winning streak, looking to make it five.

And that’s what they did.

Maine Farmington proved to be no easy feat as Castleton battled to a 3-2 victory over the Beavers.

The nail-biting win was followed by a 3-0 sweep to propel the Spartans over the Thomas College Terriers.

Lemieux is more than excited about how well the team has been doing.

“I am so proud of the team,” she said. “We are playing so well together. This is a huge step for Castleton volleyball, and I am really hoping we can make this success continue.”

Spartan volleyball is looking
towards having a program- best season this year, and coach Bethany Torrice is looking forward to the team’s future games.

“I try to focus the girls and make sure they realize that they can celebrate the big wins, like Cobleskill and Green Mountain, and after that, it’s done. Then we focus on the next match. This team has something special, and they believe they can win and are playing for each other. I’m just really, really happy with volleyball this year.”

Then they are on the road until after October break, traveling to SUNY-Cobleskill on Oct. 10 and Lyndon State on Oct. 17.

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