Spartan Standouts

Both of the Castleton soccer teams have been on a roll as of late. Courtney Chadburn has been a key factor to the women’s soccer team rolling to its fourth consecutive wins (as of Oct. 3). The winning streak started out in Lyndon, where Chadburn scored four goals for the Spartans.Not only did Chadburn embarrass the teams North Atlantic Conference foe, but continued her clutch play in two tight games. Against Fitchburg Chadburn scored the loan goal 23 minutes into the game to edge the Spartans to a 1-0 victory. Chadburn also showed everyone what her definition of clutch really was when the Spartans defeated Norwich in double overtime.

Working a give and go with her teammate, Chadburn received the pass back to her in between two defenders. She kicked the ball lefty, beating the opposing goaltender to the far post for the game winner. The winning streak the women’s soccer team is experiencing is largely due to Chadburn’s outstanding offensive play.

The men’s soccer team has also been unbeaten in the last four games, tying one and winning the other three. Although the offense has produced 13 goals in the four past four games (as of Oct. 3) the defense has played outstanding. The core of that defense is goaltender Mike Anthony.

Anthony has not only posted three shutouts this year, but has also come through in the clutch for the Spartans. The team tied Norwich in double overtime after the Cadets scored the game tying goal in the 70 minute of play. Anthony posted seven saves throughout the match, three of which came in the overtimes.

Anthony has been a key to the Spartans success all season, and has been the backbone to an incredibly gifted defense. In the 10 matches Anthony and the Spartans have played he has 9 goals against him. He is also living up to the expectations set for him around the school. The men’s soccer team was named preseason favorites in the NAC, and with Anthony in net it will be hard for any team to advance past Castleton in the NAC tournament this year.

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