Good eats

The alarm clock is going off for the third time. It’s 10 a.m. Chip has got class in an hour. He rolls off of the uncomfortable dorm-room mattress, turns the alarm off and heads for the shower. Afterwards he turns on the television and flips to Cartoon Network. With a growling stomach he knows what he must do next.

Chip pulls out a nine-by-nine electric frying pan and plugs it in. The alarm clock goes off again, realizing he must have only hit snooze before he silences the clock for good. He opens up his mini-fridge and pulls out a package of Taylor Pork Roll.

Chip smuggles this delicious pork product from his hometown in New Jersey because it’s hard to find here in Vermont. He pulls out a few slices and slaps them into the pan. As they sizzle and the room begins fill with the aroma of this bacon like product he decides he’s in the clear. He slides a few books to one side of a shelf and pulls out a little one foot bong. Keeping an eye on his sizzling pork-roll Chip carefully breaks up a little weed in the bong and rips it down.

Now, back to the cooking, he flips the couple slices and lets them crisp up just a little more. He then removes them and sets them on a paper towel to absorb the grease. He then throws a couple pieces of white bread into the pan. It’s pan fried toast, the risk of getting the frying pan in a dorm room is enough; to try and have a toaster as well would be pushing it.

Once his toast is browned he gives a quick spray of PAM to the pan and cracks an egg. The cold egg hits the pan with a sizzle instantly turning white around the yolk. Chips grabs for his small plastic spatula and gives a gently poke to the egg yolk, breaking it open.

Next he goes for a salt and pepper grinder carefully seasoning his soon-to-be perfect breakfast. When it’s time he flips the egg and rushes over to the fridge. He grabs a package of deli sliced American cheese and heads back to the pan, on his way he picks up the already cooked pork-roll on the paper towel. Back at the pan he turns the temperature down and sets a piece of the pork-roll on top of the fried egg, then he places a piece of cheese on top of that. As the cheese begins to melt and mold to the pork-roll and egg combination, he repeats the step by placing another slice of pork-roll on and yet another piece of cheese. He separates a paper plate from the stack of 500 that his parents sent him to school with.

Starting with a piece of bread he carefully begins assembling his breakfast creation. Once he has got it out of the pan and onto the bread he squirts a healthy amount of ketchup on and tops it off with the other piece of pan fried toast. He wipes the pan out with a couple bunched up paper towels and slides it back into hiding. Just before sitting down he takes one more rip Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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om the glass bong before carefully sliding it back behind the books on his shelf.

Now he sits down on the couch to watch Tom & Jerry, indulging in the breakfast sandwich Monet as ketchup overflows around the crust dripping onto the plate. A few moments later he realizes he has lost track of time. He puts on a pair of slippers, throws a couple notebook in his backpack and runs for the door. Stopping, he turns back and grabs the paper plate with half of the pork roll egg and cheese sandwich left and enjoys it on the walk to class.

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