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As we approach being here over a month I have found my money supply getting lesser and lesser. So during this month and a half (give or take) the biggest thing I have learned or noticed is that college is, in fact, really expensive.Not only is my savings account withering away, but my checking account is hurting too. We got tuition launching a full-blown attack on my savings, and things like food going head to head with my spending money. I wasn’t too worried about this because I was accepted for a work-study job, but about 400 more kids were too. So work-study jobs were gone in the wind within two to three weeks into the year, which was awesome.

I applied to as many as I saw at job fairs, but I wasn’t accepted to any. This made me pretty curious: what do they even look at for one of these jobs? So annoyance aside I didn’t get one, or at least haven’t yet, for all you optimistic people. Now it’s time for job searching!!

I never really had to look for jobs at home as my ex-girlfriend’s parents hooked me up at their store, and then my dad employed me doing construction/carpentry, which has kept me busy to this day. Now I’m in a different place in a different situation and no money. Getting a job is really the only option I see for myself. My first thought was to work during breaks, which I plan on doing, but that doesn’t help me while I’m at school.

I’ve started looking around the Castleton area and haven’t had the best of luck. I tried the Blue Cat Café, which was looking
for a waiter/waitress, and a full time cook. There’s also a UPS job, which goes from 3-9 in the morning, a shift which would kill me before I even started classes. That’s about all I got now, so searching in Rutland is in the future.

My roommate and I threw around the idea of a room cleaning service. We would go dorm-to-dorm cleaning rooms and probably taking some recyclables along the way. Maybe playing guitar outside North House will create some income, more than I have now at least. Other than that, the business schemes haven’t been flowing so much. So until then the daily struggle of being a broke college student continues, at least I have the future of paying off loans to look forward to!

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