Breur keeps them rolling at Paramount

The streets of Rutland were flooded with unoccupied cars on Friday, Sept. 25 all due to the comic genius Jim Breuer making his way to the Paramount Theater.After looking into the audience, all 600 people, very few seats were left empty as people were pracitcally sitting on top of each other and left to fight over the arm rests.

But the restless behavior of the uncomfotable crowd stuck in the hard wooden seats was settled when the lights dimmed and a man took the stage.

First up, a newcomer to the comedy game, Tyler Boeh, who drew the crowd in with his bits involving beat boxing, sex stories, his lazy eye and overall charming awkwardness.

He was a great warm-up for the crowd, seeing as how directly after, Breuer took the stage. to get ready for Breuer, which took the stage directly after.

With the roar of applause continuing as he sturtted on stage, he grabbed the microphone and started right off with his fresh material.

He made it a point to start off the show talking about his appearance.

“No, I’m not high. This is how I look all the time, I was born this way,” said Breuer, finishing up that sentence with an impression of what he looked like as a baby.

Breuer had stated that this comedy tour was less about his old material and now starting to touch on things that happen in his everyday life, and he stuck to his word.

He went back and forth between stories about his kids, his wife, and his parents, impersonating each one of them. We saw him run like an ostrich, pretend to hose down his elderly fathers’ soiled pants, play the air guitar for Metallica, re-enact his past drug experiences and skip around in circle like his three daughters.

Breuer took over the stage like a professional, staying sharp on his toes when a pesky audience member mocked him, and he fought back with a joke like a champ.There were very few moments during the show that you couldn’t hear laughter or applause.

He has truly held his title as one of the 100 Greatest Comedians of All Time.

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