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Niece to Sir Gawain, Luneta wants the exciting life she thinks he lives, rather than the farmer’s life her parents live. Her chance comes when her father suggests that she visit friends for a while. One of her mother’s friends is perfectly willing to host the teen, but Luneta’s father says that he cannot escort her to Lady Laudine’s house because it is harvest time. Luneta is anxious to go, and soon a solution is found-Luneta’s cousin, Sir Ywain (Jr.) comes visiting and offers to escort her since he is going towards Camelot anyway.On the way, they encounter a fool named Rhience, who, while able to make everyone laugh just as it is a fool’s job to do, is more than he seems. It is from Rhience that Luneta and Ywain hear the legend of the magical Storm Stone. The Storm Stone creates a storm then summons a knight which you then must battle. Ywain is eager to prove himself, but Rhience and Luneta worry.

The Lioness and her Knight by Gerald Morris
is a well-written book. The characters in the story are believable and interesting, though not entirely original creations, as the book is based off of court poet Chrétien de Troyes’ poem, The Knight of the Lion and retold for modern readers.

With its moments of wit, emotion, magic and adventure, this medieval tale is one you won’t want to miss.

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