Acorn Corrupt?

Know your rights. Know your leaders. Be aware of what is going on in the world around you. That’s how we have been raised, so it is no surprise that corrupt organizations are being called out left and right. Filmmaker James O’Keefe and associate Hannah Gile recently set out on a mission to show the show the world what goes on in an organization called ACORN.ACORN, which stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is an organization that helps low income families fund homes, and it receives millions of dollars in government funding each year. It sounds like a great organization with a good heart that genuinely wants to help the underdog.

However, when O’Keefe and Gile posed as a pimp and a prostitute looking for help in establishing a brothel in the states with underage girls from El Salvador, with the money earned from it used to fund his future political ventures: this is where the red flags begin to fly.

Not only were employees not shocked or disgusted with this idea, they were of all things helpful! The word allegedly is thrown in all of the articles written on this investigation, and while necessary, it seems a bit misleading. There are workers of ACORN on tape giving tips on how to get around paying taxes, and how to get a mortgage for their brothel easily. A big tip is for Gile and O’Keefe just to leave the word prostitution out of the mix and replace it with performing artists. Seriously?

It was not just one ACORN office that was investigated. They went to offices in New York, Maryland and even California. When the two reporters went to the San Bernardino office, they met employee Tresa Kaelke. Kaelke saw no problem with the brothel idea, and even admitted to turning tricks back in the day. She offered up sources and contacts for this prostitution ring to get started successfully, even saying the guy across the street could help out.

Kaelke also adds in that she talks to congressmen and politicians on an everyday basis. Lovely.

In New York, the tips given were to use a different name, and hide the money they earned in a tin can hidden in the backyard under the grass.

Many of the employees seen in these videos have been fired, but ACORN is still alive and kicking, and money is still being given to them. The flow of taxpayer money to ACORN needs to stop. End of story.

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