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The blissful, honeymoon-like atmosphere that had befallen me and my fellow C-Rock comrades from Sept. 5 came to a sudden end with Castleton’s 222-year unbeaten streak in football also coming to an end Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009. The loss was a shellacking from Utica College, 62-10. When I first read the box score I did at least a triple-take. I knew our boys weren’t going to have a perfect season, but I also felt they weren’t going to roll over and die against tough foes like Utica. Utica’s strong program (ninth season) was merciless against the rookie Castleton squad with 545 yards of total offense, which included a school record of seven rushing touchdowns.

This isn’t an “I told you so” moment in the least, as the statistics are there. Utica scored a total of nine touchdowns while Castleton had one and a field goal. I feel uneasy to say that the Spartans met the Pioneers’ 545 yards with 134 yards, and only 63 on the ground. So let’s face it; if Castleton expects to make themselves a program, they’re going to have to get tougher in those trenches on both sides of the ball. I saw some talented Spartan ball carriers on Sept. 5, so it’s up to the big guys up front to get some even bigger hearts. I don’t want to have to write, “My high school team could run all over that D,” in coming weeks, either. Alercio’s down linemen and backers need to get low and stick their noses right in the opponents’ faces. Defense is all attitude; ask anyone who knows the sport. I think Utica is due for a good season and you can quote me on that. As for our Spartans, the season is still up for grabs. One good game and one poor game don’t make a season yet.

The Spartans had a bye-week for Sept. 19, and return home for homecoming on Sept. 26, vs. Gallaudet.

I’m excited for homecoming to just happen already. Number one, to see if I’m right in thinking the Spartans have a little more to offer than they did against Utica; number two, to see how they bounce back after getting their behinds served to them on the orange and blue Pioneer Platter; and number three, to tailgate with thousands of other Spartan Faithful again.

Gallaudet University on homecoming is going to be a tough match-up as well.

Here’s my “Good Luck” to football in their attempt to keep that ultra-old unbeaten streak alive, at least at home.

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