Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes at CSC

The glistening, cavernous windows of a new campus center, a vast green turf field surrounded by a stadium reminiscent of an old train station and a radiant public safety building have welcomed Castleton students this fall, after construction and renovations have significantly altered the small campus with a big heart. In less than four months, the campus has become almost unrecognizable — and changes are still coming.

“I am pleased with the way it has all come out,” said Castleton president Dave Wolk. “It was basically designed around what students want and need.”

In addition to the aforementioned renovation, Castleton will soon add a new skate park behind Ellis (the snowboarding rails will still be present in the winter), new baseball and softball fields, two rugby fields located behind Wolk’s house and an addition to Leavenworth Hall, which will feature a new communications department and TV studio.

Other changes also included the destruction of the old Public Safety office, which is now located in the old Wellness Center, which has been landscaped and carries a new coat of paint.

“Students have actually asked me, ‘Where did you get that house from, Dave,'” said Wolk.

This Wellness Center is now located in the renovated Campus Center. The center also houses renovated versions of the campus store, mailroom, Fireside Café, and offices for career development and residence life.

“We love it here!” said nurse Deb Choma. “I feel like I died and went to heaven.”

The Wellness Center has two new exam rooms and will now offer medical assistance from Castleton doctors at least two times a week.

Workers throughout the new center are praising the changes. Both representatives from Fireside café and the mailroom commented on the amount of space the new building has granted them.

“In the old mailroom, there would be three of us working and we could hardly move. There is so much more space now,” said senior mailroom worker Jay Ette.

The athletic department has reason to be excited as well. After opening the new Glenbrook Gymnasium last year, the gym has received a dazzling new lobby, enough locker rooms to host nearly all sports teams in season, and the sports stadium has officially been completed.

Athletic Director Deanna Tyson said that the new facilities will definitely help with recruiting and “getting kids here.”

“We will now also be able to host championship games,” Tyson said.

However, as beautiful and impressive as the campus is looking, there is still work to be done. The old Public Safety site will be turned into a parking lot, the baseball and softball fields and Leavenworth are in the process of being finished, and according to Wolk, there is a potential renovation for Ellis in the near future, along with changes to Huden Dining Hall.

“What this is going to do is to allow Castleton to remain competitive with other colleges for a long time in the future,” said Wolk. “We have the best faculty and staff and we now have state of the art utilities.

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