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“He stole my eyes, Petra…” the day her father comes home from working for the Prince, blinded, Petra is stunned. The next day she starts planning a trip to go to the palace and retrieve her father’s eyes from the Prince. For the Prince has taken her father’s eyes for two reasons. One is so that he can use them, to finish making the clock that Petra’s father was commissioned to make. The other reason is so that no one else may build such a clock. Petra travels to the capital with her pet tin spider, Astrophil. There she meets Neel, a theif. He is also one of the Roma. And he has a special ability–sometimes his fingers ‘extend’ and he can grab things without their owners noticing. Petra finds this ability interesting, but not odd. Her father had the ability to put life into metal, which is how Astrophil had been created. And those are not the only ones with abilities. As Petra sneaks into the castle, she finds that there are many other people with odd abilities. Some of them are friends, and some are enemies…

In her first novel, The Cabinet of Wonders, Marie Rutkoski spins a tantalizing tale. She tells a story of how humans can risk themselves in order to help the people that they love, and how that can make them stronger. Also explored are the reason people keep secrets, and the secrets that will invariably come out. A fast and fun read, this book claims that it is the first in a series, so keep an eye out!

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