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Our new question is, “Does Facebook make your life better?” Send brief, thoughtful replies to Here are some responses to the previous question, “Are you happy with your life, and why?”:

“I am happy with my life because I am doing things that are helping me get to the goals that I have set for myself. I am also happy because I am finally reaching some of those goals.
–Emily Englehardt

Of course I am happy with my life…do I delight in people behaving badly at my expense…NO…but that doesn’t make my life a cowpie. I am designing my life as I go along. For me it is always about choices, exploration, and overcoming FEARS. We ARE all one. So, am I happy with my life? You bet!!! And, I am adding to that joy every opportunity I get. Choose to live artistically and delight in the creation of the life you want as it happens. -Robert Wuagneux

“Happy” is an ambiguous term. I am not happy with my life because I am not contented. To be contented would be to want nothing more. We’re all at college to attain something more. College is a transitional part of life; to get where you want to be. I am not happy with my life because I have not lived it to the fullest just yet. The best has yet to come. That is not to say that I am unhappy with my life or an unhappy person. I am a positive person. I am “happy” when I spread my love and knowledge to others to the best of my ability. However, I think I will be contented once I achieve a higher level of independence and economic stability. — Jackie Mongillo, COTA/L

I am happy with my life. I have a great family, a job I enjoy, and a personally rewarding involvement in my community. Finding just the right balance remains elusive, but my glass is definitely half (or more!) full. –Helen Mango

Well … it is a question often asked of oneself or someone else. It is a hard question to answer because happiness is not a very robust construct. Whether one is, or is not happy, depends on so many factors. Even so, I offer some possibly helpful thoughts based on William Glasser’s work. I paraphrase but basically happiness may be measured by the degree we experience fun, freedom, power, love and belonging in our life. Conversely, the degree to which these factors do not operate in our life is the degree to which we might experience unhappiness. If anyone requires further expansion on the five factors I will be glad to expound. –Trevor Tebbs

Am I happy with my life?…yes. Why?…because my life is happy with me. –Don Garside
I am happy with my life, I’m living and I figure I should be grateful for that. -Katelyn Merritt

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