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I can’t get enough of the whole Kanye West controversy. It might be one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year. A sweet and innocent 19-year-old Taylor Swift was just happy to be nominated for an award at the Video Music Awards. When Swift was announced as the winner of this year’s best female music video she finally had her five minutes of fame at the VMA’s.Then Kanye West decided it had been about four years since his comments about George W. Bush and maybe it was time to stir the pot again. West interrupted Swift and told her he was going to let her have her finish her speech and have her moment, but Beyonce’s video was the best of all time. West made the room feel awkward, with about 100 people wearing the same expression Mike Meyers did four years before.

Kanye looked even smarter when Beyonce won the years best video award, thus the reason it wasn’t a big deal Beyonce didn’t win the female award. So if Kanye had just kept his mouth shut, the greatest video ever made would have won the top prize anyway. Beyonce even gave Swift a chance to come up to the stage and steal her five minutes back. I think West was escorted out before the show’s end so he might not have gotten the news.

A week before the VMA’s Michael Jordan let it be known that he was still the greatest basketball player ever. Jordan also took a 15 minute opportunity to verbally bash anyone who he thinks did him wrong.

He made it a point to call out Jeff Van Gundy, the Bulls’ organization, and even told his family he is glad the he isn’t them because he said he wouldn’t want to live up to the expectations that he has set. Everyone was laughing, but I don’t think they really had a choice. Nobody will ever top the moments Jordan has given fans, but his Hall of Fame induction speech was just a sign of his selfishness.

I love Michael Jordan don’t get me wrong, but the man wanted the whole day to revolve around him. Hall of fame weekend is to honor a group of great players, not just one great player. He was the greatest who has ever played the sport, but I don’t remember Gretzky telling a bunch of people they will never see another one of him play hockey ever again.

The spotlight hasn’t been on Jordan for some time now, and I think he might be a little jealous of the attention Lebron and Kobe are getting. We love you Michael, but I’m more on board for a second Space Jam movie than a 50-year-old lacing up his basketball shoes again.

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