Tennis team rolls to seven straight wins

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, Sept. 19. The weather was nice, and the Spartan women’s tennis players dominated in their seventh straight match. All the Spartan players looked extremely confident as they won easily against Johnston State for the second time this year. They have not looked back after a first game loss September 1 against Colby-Sawyer. Since that loss, they have been unstoppable, winning seven straight games and posting a 7-1 overall record.

Coach Paul Cohen was happy with his team’s performance, as they not only played with style, but with courtesy and sportsmanship.

“Having good sportsmanship is very important. The players make all the calls so it’s key. We like to encourage Johnson. They’re a new team with a new coach,” Cohen said.

All the Spartan women have been playing without flaw and have been a presence to whomever they face. After an 8-1 home win against UMass-Boston, the Spartans have posted four straight 9-0 wins against Mass.-Liberal Arts, Lyndon State, Thomas and Johnson State.

Last year, Kate Bucci and Michelle Podnecky had remarkable 10-0 records in singles, and 10-0 record in doubles playing with each other. This year is much like last for Bucci. She has won all of her matches and is currently 8-0 in singles, and in doubles she and Podnecky are currently 6-2. Podnecky has a record of 6-2 and has won six straight matches after opening the season with two losses.

“Michelle and Kate are amazing. We all improve a lot by playing with them,” freshman Lauren Fedorka said.

After the match, Bucci talked about the team and their success, “We’re a pretty young team, but I learn from all of them, they push me to perform better. We all learn a lot from Charly (Chara Klaas), the senior captain, she’s great.”

About the team’s future success Bucci said, “Yeah I think we have a pretty good chance, we can’t get egotistical though.

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