Jim Breuer set to perform at Paramount Theater

He’s been “Goat Boy,” and a tie-dye wearing stoner in the 90’s. He is the new spokesman for Pizza Hut and the soon to be star of a sitcom. And on Sept. 25, he will be front and center, on stage in Rutland.Jim Breuer has been a genius in the comedy world for over two decades, with great entertainment like “Saturday Night Live” and “Half Baked” lighting up his resume. But his most recent addition to his work record is his “Let’s Clear the Air” comedy tour, which makes its way to Rutland later this week.

Breuer holds a position on the list of the 100 Greatest Comedians of All Time and is now the spokesman for Pizza Hut. He is living the life that most comedians dream of, but it didn’t come without hard work.

“I knew I wanted to do comedy by the age of 16. I started writing and in 1984, when I was still in high school. I would do Ozzy Osbourne impersonations and other bits, which got me into the comedy club scene,” explained Breuer, unleashing his Osbourne voice in a phone interview. “I would do everything from open mic nights, to tiki huts and elderly communities. I would go anywhere I could do comedy. Then in July of ’89, I went on the road and eventually started Saturday Night Live.”

Breuer has been lucky enough to work in movies, radio, television, and stand-up, conquering them all. But which did he enjoy most?

“Movies! Film is so easy. I never want to hear someone say that it’s hard. How can you not be good on film? It’s ridiculous, you can do a take a million times until you get it right,” Breuer said. “I like stand-up too because I’m in complete control if I fail. However, television was tougher. It’s was like college for the entertainment world.”

Although Bruer got the opportunity to work with some of the greatest stars of today, he also had the chance to see what showbiz is really like behind the scenes.

“Through working in television I learned what the industry really is. It’s weird and creepy, and sometimes it’s awesome,” explained Breuer. “People in this business will do absolutely anything and there aren’t a lot of morals, which threw me off. The public has no idea what really goes on. Someone may look sweet on TV, but then you go back to their dressing rooms and they have a hooker in it, and you are left to think ‘Wait, aren’t you married?'”

After the many years of comedy tours, live television shows, and film projects, Breuer decided to let comedy take a backseat to do a radio show and start a family.

“Taking a break was the best time of my life, and the only time I really enjoyed my life. I got a chance to watch my kids grow, spend time with my parents, and doing my radio show put me in a routine everyday.”

For someone whose life revolved around performing, taking a break was surprisingly easy for him, leaving some to wonder if he would come back to entertainment. But Breuer has surprised his fans and is ready to get back in the spotlight.

“I have some new stuff coming out. There’s a book coming out by next Father’s Day and I’m in the works for a new sitcom, on top of my tour.”

The man who’s best known as SNL’s “Goat Boy” has grown into quite the family man, but that doesn’t mean his humor has dissolved. In fact it has only broadened the ages of the audience members.

“I aim at people from ages 12 to 70, I don’t leave anyone out. I want everyone to be able to laugh and I want to bring people together, nothing is more flattering,” he said. “I’m like your street professor. I am here to teach you about everything from your parents crapping their pants, dealing with your wife, having children and embarrassing situations. I teach you about life and reality during my show.”

A man who is a legend in stoner cinema, the face of Pizza Hut’s newest creation, and the person who has been the cause of gut busting laughter for decades is reaching out to Castleton State College’s students, inviting them to share the experience with him.

“Everyone should come to this show. It’s going to be cheaper than any concert you’ll ever go to, best entertainment you’ll ever see, and you will never see it again because at this time next year I’m going to be a rock star.”

Eric Mallette, assistant director of the Paramount Theater, said last week that ticket sales for Breuer’s show have been selling well, but that seats remained.

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