CSC’s marching band completes football team and students

ne through a major change this school year. It now sports a shiny new Campus Center, an addition on Leavenworth Hall, a brand new football field and team — and finally it’s home to Vermont’s very first collegiate marching band.Hank Vaughan, a music professor at CSC and conductor of the marching band, describes the experience as “very rewarding” and said he feels that having a marching band is “great for the community.”

He is no stranger, however, to marching bands. Vaughan was conductor of a marching band in Chicago at a similarly sized school where they “built the marching program from scratch.”

And before that, in Vaughan’s own college days, he was part of the Southern Illinois Salukis, where he was a marching drummer.

It would seem his experience paid off, according to color-guard member and CSC senior Brette Tucker.

“Hank [Vaughan] is an amazing director,” she said. “There is more spirit and true heart in this band than I ever thought possible.”

And Tucker isn’t alone in her love for the marching band.

“It’s been one of my favorite experiences in my life” says Julie Banach, a sophomore theatre major. “People have started calling me a band geek,” she said with a smile.

Vaughn loves the enthusiasm his band members are bringing.

“‘Pride, Pageantry, and Tradition’ is our slogan and that’s what we’re trying to establish” he said.

For Tucker, the marching band has made her CSC experience complete.

“It’s been incredible … what a great time to end my fourth year at Castleton!” she said.

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