Twiddle LIVE at Castleton

Twiddle rocked its roots on Friday, Aug. 28 at Castleton State College, kicking the first weekend of the school year off with some solid live entertainment. The band returned to the place where it was born five years ago, rocking a house twice as nice in the spot they played back in the day; Fireside Cafe. In the midst of a three-night tour, the quartet comprised of Mihali Savoulidis (guitar, vocals), Ryan Dempsey (keyboard), Brook Jordan (drums) and Zdenek Gubb (bass) pit stopped in their new tour bus for a late night midnight to 4 a.m. celebration at Castleton, christening the newly renovated Fireside Cafe.

The room was packed with Castleton students, as well as community members and loyal Twiddle fans and friends. And they stayed until the very last note was played.

Neon green laser lights sliced through the humid, smoke-filled room as a pulsating, sweat-laced audience danced below, and crowd surfers rode high above. A rainbow of colors lit up the faces of Twiddle as their instruments glistened in the limelight. In every direction people appeared captivated, eyes and smiles wide.

Castleton senior Nic Soares described the event as very exciting and energetic.

“Everyone was considerate, and happy to share the experience with one another,” said Soares.

Fan favorites including Beethoven & Greene, Frankenfoote and Gatsby revved up both the crowd and the band.

For Twiddle, returning to Castleton is “playing one of those more important shows,” said Brook Jordan, the band’s drummer. “People go buck wild. They really seem to know and love the music.”

For music-goers new to the Twiddle phenomenon, the band’s exquisite weave of a jazz-blues-rock-jam-build was nothing short of heart-pounding this time around. For the Twiddle supporters already familiar with the foursome’s tight sync and nerve-stimulating sound that never lets down, another phantasmically funky Twiddle experience ensued.

“It was a wild spindle of music and energy,” said bassist Zdenek Gubb.

“And sweat and rain from outside,” added Jordan.

“It was like we brought the storm inside,” Gubb said.

This fall brings another lineup of Twiddle shows around the region. Twiddle will join The Ryan Montbleau Band in headlining Backwoods Pondfest music festival, which will take place in Peru, N.Y. Sept. 11-12. For another serving of everything Twiddle, check the band’s Web site,

For another look at the late-night excitement, check out for an exclusive video of Twiddle’s 2009 CSC performance.

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