Morrill welcomes new AC

Some might have noticed the new smiling face in the colorful office in the bottom or Morrill Hall. Well that smiling face belongs to Maria Marinucci who is the new Area Coordinator at Castleton.It is quite obvious where Marinucci graduated from college when you see the Colgate tee-shit on her office wall. She actually just graduated last May as a psychology major with a minor in education.

Marinucci, originally from a small town in New York near Niagara Falls, is hoping to do a lot while on our campus.

“I am looking forward to meeting the students, becoming a Spartan fan and getting involved,” she said.

She is also hoping to learn more about herself while here, including figuring out what she really wants to do in life. She is not, however, looking forward to students having an impression of her being there for “solely punishing” purposes.

Castleton was Marinucci’s choice because she knew she wanted to be at a small school that was different than where she had gone to school. She said she also likes the residence hall philosophy here compared to other schools, not to mention the gorgeous Castleton campus and how involved the college is with the community.

But Marinucci didn’t just pick Castleton, Castleton picked her. Babcock Hall CA Jazmin Averbuck explained that the CA’s went to interviews of those who applied for the job, got to ask questions and at the end they filled out sheets on how qualified they felt the applicant was. Their input was used in the hiring process, she said.

Students seem to enjoy having Marinucci as a new part of campus and staff. Just walking past her office you notice messages on her white board that read “Maria is amazing.”

“She is cool. There is nothing to dislike about her,” said Morrill Hall resident Mary Kay Capone.

Fellow Morrill Hall resident Alexia Bolton agreed.

“She can relate to her residents. She’s young and can relate to what we do, and she really tries to get to know you and tries to help you the best she can,” Bolton said.

Marinucci said she loves meeting new people. She may not learn everyone’s names on the first try, but she says she tries. She encourages anyone to stop by her office saying her door is always open and she likes visitors.

If you’re lucky, she might even tell her interesting story of when she lived in Australia for four months.

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